A Texas town pushes back against urban gas drilling

The following is a column by Ladd Biro, a sportscaster and member of Flower Mound Cares, a group that organized to stop a natural gas containment facility in that Dallas suburb. The Centralized Containment Facility, was proposed for a site near an elementary school and dozens of suburban homes. It would have allowed the Williams gas company to pipe in “produced water” containing toxics from gas wells in the area. Residents expressed concerns about toxic air emissions, the undisclosed composition of the fluids, the integrity of the pipes running through neighborhoods and the proximity of these industrial operations to residential areas.

When the City Council, two members of which receive gas well royalties, refused to listen to these concerns or to enact a moratorium until more could be learned, voters turned out in record numbers last weekend to elect a new slate of candidates that promised to scrutinize gas drillers more closely. Biro writes about his hopes and concerns for the new council of the town of 60,000, which is just one of many across the nation facing encroachment as gas and oil companies tap the Barnett Shale in Texas, the Marcellus Shale in the Northeast and other veins of gas in the West.

By Ladd Biro
Flower Mound Cares


Ladd Biro

It’s morning again in Flower Mound.

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