Are you crunchy?

I talked with my sister today about one of our areas of intersection, growing our own food and preserving it. I’m a big jam maker. She knows all about canning veggies and fruits, and has the biology degree to know why we boil, blanch and do other things with food to retain the nutrients. She’ll be sharing some of this with us soon.

Anyhow, she being a child of the 60’s and me more of a 70’s-vintage person (but I never liked polyester!) we got to talking about that earlier movement toward cooperatives, living outside the norm, growing your own food and all that, you know, self-sustaining hippy stuff. I didn’t want to admit to remembering much because I have to carefully preserve the myth that I’m really too young. But honestly, I do recall the food co-ops, the sprouts (yeah, the grass), the tattoos, the anti-war symbols, the camper vans and all that wonderful music.

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