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Turn Down the Heat report says climate change could devastate today’s children

Climate change will singe today’s young generation. How much chaos it causes is still up to us, but not for long. This report by the World Bank paints a grim picture of how rising greenhouse gas emissions will lay waste to some crops, seaside cities and villages dependent on glacial waters. The time to act, 20 years ago, or now, according to this analysis.

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24 Hours of Climate Reality: Fossil fuel polluters are causing havoc and must pay a ‘carbon price’

Al Gore’s 24 Hours of Climate Reality, a look at how climate change is costing billions around the globe, kicked off today, with segments covering North America and South America. Featured calamities include: Hurricane Sandy, Colorado’s recent flooding and drought in Mexico where farmers can no longer grow corn.

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The state of our oceans, in a clamshell

Our oceans, long taken for granted, are being stressed by pollution, over-fishing and climate change. Plastic gyres, swirling pools of plastic refuse, occupy several spots in the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. The largest one, in the North Pacific, is estimated to exceed the size of Texas….These linked, but disparate problems — pollution, unsustainable fishing practices, jobs at risk — won’t be solved easily. That’s why several environmental and conservation groups working around the globe have formed the Global Partnership for Oceans. The groups hope that together they can work to save the marine environment before human pressures cause natural fisheries to collapse.

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