• From the Field: Of Woodrats and Men

    Long days and even longer drives, we’re on the road with BCI’s Subterranean Team to get a closer look at the important work they do to protect critical bat habitat.                                &nbs […]

  • What's in a Name?

    Revising the taxonomy of a bat species can be difficult. Enter the Yoda bat.                  &nbs […]

  • Blinded by the Light

    When people think of pollution, they typically conjure up images of smoggy skies and brown clouds billowing out of factory smokestacks. Not lights.&nbs […]

  • Bats: Farmers’ Secret Pest-Control Weapon

    As science unravels more and more about what bats are eating and where, their impact on agriculture becomes even more profound.                  &nbs […]

  • Locals go Loco for Bats

    People are going batty at the Bat Loco Bash festival in San Antonio!  Bat parade, music, educational activities - fun for the whole family! […]

  • Bat Tourism: the Surprising Power of Bat-Watching Holidaymakers

    From Zambia to Texas, there are many places across the globe where tourists can take a front-row seat to one of nature's most dazzling displays. &nbs […]

  • The Hook

    BCI volunteer Sarah Gorton changes hearts and minds with wacky facts from Bracken Cave.                            &nbs […]

  • A Lifetime of Service

    BCI volunteer Kurt Menking has been working to protect Bracken Cave since he was a young boy.                       &nbs […]

  • A Passion for Sharing: Don & Edith

    What drives Don & Edith to volunteer at Bracken Cave? A passion for sharing.                         &nbs […]

  • Bracken and its Bats: A Natural Wonder of the World

    Here are five things that make one of nature's most-stunning performances even more spectacular.              &nbs […]

  • Turtle Protector Peter Paul van Dijk Honored with Prestigious Conservation Award

    GWC Associate Conservation Scientist Peter Paul van Dijk is a bona fide “turtle man” and now he has a fitting accolade to go with the title. At a banquet during the annual Symposium on Conservation and Biology of Tortoises and Freshwater Turtles last night, August 9, van Dijk received the prestigious Behler Turtle Conservation Award Read mor […]

  • Rainforest regeneration: New hope for Indio Maíz

    Two hours up the fast-flowing Indian river, our boats were forced to stop in the driving rain by a fallen tree blocking the channel. Debris from Hurricane Otto back in November 2016 was rapidly piling up behind it and I thought our journey into Nicaragua’s Indio Maíz Biological Reserve was over. Quickly though, my traveling Read mor […]

  • Volunteer Project Transforms Texas A&M Undergrads into Small Mammal Champions

    A team of Texas A&M undergraduate students just got a big dose of small mammals, honing their research skills and getting a feel for the real-world conservation efforts that go on behind the scenes. In June the team submitted the last assessments for more than 700 small mammals to the IUCN Red List of Threatened Read mor […]

  • Not All Sharks

    How can we change the villainous portrayal of sharks? Perhaps it can start with a tweet… Since the dawn of modern entertainment sharks have been an icon of crippling fear, imminent death and absolute terror. Even before Jaws really set the stage for the gratuitous shark attack genre, b-list island-themed films in the ‘50s used Read mor […]

  • All the Way Up (Almost)

    By Nikki Roach, GWC associate conservation scientists (re-purposed from Nikki’s blog) It started as most field expeditions start: I forgot to bring something important—my camera lens. We were hiking to 3,500+ meters, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, so why prioritize my camera? After a frustrating day preparing for the expedition and trying to navigate the language barriers, Read mor […]

  • A Q&A with Children’s Book Author/Illustrator Eric Losh

    Brooklyn-based artist Eric Losh is no stranger to Global Wildlife Conservation. For several years he has used his talent to design the beautiful holiday cards for GWC partner Saola Working Group, and he is author and illustrator of “Wonders of the Annamites,” a children’s book that highlights the beauty of the species GWC works to Read mor […]

  • Between the Stripes Part II: A Rare Encounter

    When I came to Vietnam five years ago, striped rabbits were the furthest thing from my mind. Oh, sure, I knew about Nesolagus timminsi—it was, after all, one of the recently discovered Annamite endemic mammals that had collectively drawn me to this region—but my focus was on Saola. And so I spent the next three Read mor […]

  • Off to Colombia for a Year

    By Nikki Roach, GWC associate conservation scientist (re-purposed from Nikki’s blog) Moving is a pain. Lots of people do it, nobody likes it. I’ve moved five times in the last five years (California, Puerto Rico, South Carolina, Texas) and now, yet again, I am moving to Santa Marta, Colombia. Santa Marta, Colombia, the oldest South Read mor […]

  • Building Empathy on International Save the Vaquita Day

    By Dune Ives, Executive Director of the Lonely Whale Foundation Scientists have estimated that there are only 30 Vaquita left in our ocean. You read that right, just 30 of the world’s smallest porpoise are left in existence. Considered one of the top 100 evolutionary distinct and globally endangered (EDGE) mammals in the world, the Read mor […]

  • From Biologist to Conservation Biologist: A Journey in My Home Country Colombia

    Growing up in Colombia, I spent my holidays going to the Amazon, snorkeling in the Pacific, hiking the Andes and fishing in the Orinoquia. At the time, these vacations seemed quite ordinary. I would see colorful butterflies flying along the banks of small tributaries of the Amazon, hear all sort of noises made by frogs Read mor […]