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Keep drinking water in the refrigerator rather than running the tap for cold water. the U.S. EPA’s water conservation web page offers more useful conservation tips for around the home.

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Clean air, the economy, fossil fuels and the ‘American people’

April 6th, 2011

Clean air. Is it good for the economy or a drag on the economy?

That is the fair, but complex question under consideration in Congress this week, as several lawmakers try to conscript the EPA’s ability to regulate carbon pollution under the Clean Air Act. Their attacks on the EPA have come in the form of separate bills and as riders to the overall budget bill which must be passed in some form to keep the government operating. (Presumably the riders would skate through, though these riders are more like flares, which everyone can see coming.)

Those fighting the EPA’s plan to regulate carbon pollution — ok let’s just say it out loud Greenhouse Gas Emissions — say that it amounts to over-regulation, will cost businesses dearly and cut into their ability to hire employees. At its most frenzied, this argument seems to pit the EPA against the well-being of the U.S. domestic economy. It’s a worthy point for debate. But it’s been entirely overblown. And the flip side, the harm that can come from ignoring air pollution has been ignored. Is it possible that air pollution, which hurts people and communities could be the real enemy of businesses also?

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‘Smart’ meters will help consumers track electricity use

February 12th, 2010

By Bill Sullivan
Green Right Now

A sudden cold snap created a spike in consumption. Christmas lights were fun at the time, but they, too, kept that meter running. Kids routinely leave electronics on, even when they’re not in the room.

Advanced Metering System

Advanced Metering System

Sure, you try to do all those little things that, in a perfect world, can help keep cost and environmental impact down. Unfortunately, this is not a perfect world, and a big number on that electric bill each month can come as a shock to both the system and the budget.

But what if your world was just a little more perfect? What if you could log on to your computer and check consumption down to, say, a 15-minute period? What if you could figure out that your teenager is running the TV, stereo, a game player (or two) and every light in his room — all despite the fact that he’s spending the night at a friend’s house?

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