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Tagged : lead-contamination

Travesty in Nigeria: Gold rush is poisoning children with lead

October 16th, 2012

From Green Right Now Reports Nigeria is experiencing a gold rush, but the fallout is devastating the health of its children, exposing them to lead dust that can produce convulsions, paralysis and longterm cognitive deficits. Many children have been disabled for life, and have died from the lead contamination related to gold mining, which lures [...]

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The dark side of urban gardening

October 17th, 2011

Urban gardening is taking root across the country as cities, suburbs, schools and churches turn to the land to produce food.
But as the trend sweeps across vacant lots and abandoned brownfields, it has raised questions about the safety of using dirt that may have been contaminated by industrial pollution, specifically lead.
Lead, which can be found in soil, drinking water and old paint chips, poses a threat to those who have contact with it, especially children who can suffer irreversible speech problems, cognitive delays, hyperactivity and nerve damage from significant lead exposure.

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Toxic Waste Short Circuits Bubble Gum recalled

March 28th, 2011

From the Truth-Beats-Fiction files comes news that the bubble gum called “Toxic Waste Short Circuits” has been recalled…because it, uh, contains toxic waste, and that can short circuit your health.

Federal authorities found that samples of the gum contained elevated levels of lead.

The voluntary recall of the product, which is imported from Pakistan, was announced March 26. It affects only the 3.2 oz. size of Toxic Waste Short Circuits Bubble Gum, Lot #15070SC12.

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Garden Tip: Start with a clean hose

March 30th, 2009

By Barbara Kessler
Green Right Now

Before you turn over the first spade of dirt for your new veggie garden, you’ll want to take stock of your equipment. Spades, shovels, picks — these things tend to accumulate in garages and storage closets, and you’ve probably got some already. If you’ve done any flower gardening or have potted plants, you also likely have a watering can that can be used in the veggie patch.

But when it comes to hoses and watering equipment, there are some special considerations when growing food.

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