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PLA plastic strengthens its ‘cradle-to-cradle’ recycling plan

April 14th, 2010

strong>From Green Right Now Reports

Plant-based plastic has been finding more and more places in the marketplace, as cups, bottles and plates.

But while PLA, or Polylactic acid plastic, meets the environmental test at the front end, being made of eco-friendly and biodegradable ingredients, it has faced an end-of-life issue: It can’t be recycled with the bulk of petroleum-based plastics in the waste stream, the PETE and HDPE plastics that major recyclers collect and sell.

The PLA industry has been trying to solve that issue. It has looked at technology that would help recyclers separate PLA plastic from conventional plastics at processing plants.

Another solution is to recycle PLA plastic, melt it down, at its own special facilities. It’s already being done on a major scale in Europe. This week the industry announced that a new U.S. PLA recycling company, Plarco Inc., will become a major collector of post-consumer PLA waste, helping to close the recycling loop for PLA.

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Rolling out the green carpet for Copenhagen dignitaries

December 4th, 2009

By Barbara Kessler
Green Right Now

When they roll out the red carpet in Copenhagen, it will be green.

Copenhagen carpet, green even though it's red

Copenhagen carpet, green even though it's red

Actually, it will be red in color — we wouldn’t want our world leaders walking on tertiary color, say. But it will be eco-friendly, because among those firms that will get to show their green wares on this world stage are a Belgian company that makes carpets for large events, and a US bioplastic maker that’s replaced oil-based fibers in carpet with a plant-based product called INGEO.

[

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