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12 portable water filters/pitchers that can purify your tap water

August 23rd, 2010


The Tersano Lotus LWT100 was the top pitcher pick by Consumer Reports in their study of water-filter pitchers three years ago. It’s also fairly expensive at prices up to almost $400.

The countertop product claims to filter out most all troubling chemicals and pathogens with a two-stage system which includes adding ozone to the water (which, it says, will “destroy more than 99.99 percent of bacteria and viruses.”)

Ther Tersano Lotus LWT 100 system

The second carbon filter removes “pesticides, wastes, other chemical contaminants, plus any remaining ozone.”

The system, the company says, is more effective and cost-efficient than reverse osmosis filtration systems, which commonly are used in whole-house water filter systems.

Tersano says the pitcher filter lasts through 365 gallons, for a per gallon cost of about 11 cents, much less expensive than most competitors. The LWT100 uses two containers – a “processing carafe” and an optional “clean water carafe” for serving.

The clean-water carafe holds up to two quarts of water, and the filter replacement is about $40. We could not find any certification from independent groups such as the NSF for the Tersano pitcher.

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